Salted cacao | Peanut butter | Raw balls

Salted cacao + peanut butter raw balls


1/2 cup of almond meal

1/2 cup of ground buckwheat (or oats if you are not gluten free)

2 tablespoon of cacao powder

1 tablespoon of Pureharvest rice malt syruo

1 tablespoon of melted Nuilife coconut oil 

1 heaped tablespoon of Mayvers peanut butter smooth

1 serving of Bare Blends Cacao WPI

2 tablespoon of cacao nibs 

Sea salt 

Hot water for consistency if needed 

Add buckwheat and almond meal into a NutriBullet or food processor. Blend until a flour like consistency is formed. Add to a bowl with wet ingredients, cacao powder, protein and sea salt.  Stir until combined. Add a little note water if needed. Fold in cacao nibs and roll into balls. Shake in coconut and freeze to set. Keep in fridge and enjoy as a mid morning snack or 3pm pick me up!


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